Apps & Web based products

I'm one of those designers who started coding while designing. Photoshop on one window, Dreamweaver on the other. During my career, I discovered there's always gaps between design and other departments. Therefore, I have always made sure to communicate fluidly with all of them. 
No matter whether the product is small or massive, I do my best to accomplish the goals from a creative + technical perspective. No matter the complexity of the design or the technology involved, what matters is the end user’s experience and how well the story is being told.

Mfukoni. Mobile banking concepts for Mfukoni bank in Africa.

Aspiring Minds. World's leading assessment companies that helps organizations, governments and institutions measure and identify talent.

FOMIN. Supports economic growth and poverty reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean (IDB Group).

Tapestry. A digital storytelling platform for family trees and communities to create private journals.

Catch App. Video sharing APP vision (social network philosophy). #2 search engine for houses & flats in Spain (HomePage + SEO + Result pages).

Oscar Faura. Award winning director of photography. Responsive multiplatform website

Mobilipi. Company dedicated to creating handmade furniture.

Barlesa. The leading manufacturer of steel wool for cleaning sectors and DIY in Spain.

Kaotiko. Fashion for young people. Brand mission: bring fashion closer to the streets and create a community of people leading a fresh, authentic and personal lifestyle.

Rabbids VideoGame. Video game which consists mainly of party video games, though also includes some platform games and a fighting game. The series focuses on large, crazy rabbits, who like to cause havoc and mischief and yell "BWAAAH!" whenever they experience adrenaline rushes.

Barcelona Jewish Film Festival. Film Festival stemmed from the desire to affirm and convey the Jewish culture that is so closely linked to Barcelona's past. It strives to become a meeting point as well, a place for coming together, for discussion and dialog of the world and its circumstances.

Planet Green. (a Discovery company) is the multiplatform media destination for those looking forgreen news.

Architect. Ivan Kaye's (architect based in London) online portfolio

Photographer portfolio. Charlie Mahoney is a documentary filmmaker and photographer who is dedicated to telling stories that resonate and connect.

TheHands. TenHands looks to revolutionize simple affordable video collaboration for businesses in a way that has never been done before. Their innovative architecture yields a delivery cost model that is highly disruptive and translates to great affordability for our customers. The most important news portal of Argentina. More than 12 million users choose it as their main source of information. Redesign aimed to strengthen the brand with general news; thereby appealing to its wide audience, while also introducing these with more specific content. 3 main areas of the redesigned site where created on the latest consultancy.

Aprop. Short-film site.

Sant Andreu swim club. One of the most traditional swim club's in Barcelona.

Multiplatform. All products were design to be consumed on the current available devices and platforms with a responsive attention to detail. Home Page (U.S. version). #4 search engine company. UK's homepage. Breast cancer support theme. SERP example with the latest design skin. Another home page example from the family of themes. SEO page. Wikipedia results dressed with the UI defined by Ask design. UK's homepage redesign. Local & Maps result page. "Answer of the day" At Ask the mission is to answer questions with the best information from the web. Images results page. #1 online media dedicated to driving green into the mainstream.

Roles / Skills / Areas of intervention

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