SaaS Design: UX + UI + VD

Huge company + variety of products + massive audience = attention to details

I was a consultant working alongside the UX team in order to design applications intended for multiple platforms and supports (iOS apps, video devices: WebEx, Quad, TelePresence). From initial wireframes of both low and high fidelity, designing prototypes, to creating final designs.

01 . Software Design Conception

Early stage: research and in-depth analisys of the user + product needs + tech requirements

Flow Chart. The structure of the application software. Collaborated as a Interaction Designer with a Usability Engineer during the whole process, I determining functionalities and processes.

Analisys of the current version of the product. This included all the features, functionalities, usabilities and components. The result was an extensive document that I offered to the entire team so they could use as a reference during the redesigning process.

02 . Wireframing

Depending on the complexity of the project, high or low fidelity wireframes are applied

Low fidelity wireframes. Architecture + information design were wireframed on Omnigraffle software.

High fidelity wireframes. A complex architectural redesign was set in place to meet the needs of the client, who was looking for a new product that would be wholly dedicated to managing conference calls.

The resulting interface was a highly powerful tool that became the #1 tool used and sold by Cisco.

03 . Storyboards & Scenarios

These helpful tools were applied on the first stages of the design process.

Storyboard. Drawing the story is always helpul to illuminate the entire user experience.

Storyboards. Each of the four scenarios demonstrates different aspects of the product

After all the content and structure is defined, the Visual Design phase is crucial in order to device a compelling and attracive product.

05 . Visual Design

After all the content and structure is defined, the Visual Design phase is crucial in order to device a compelling and attracive product

Interface Design.
A new software product was redesigned from the UI / GUI / UX perspective.
Futurama Skin Guidelines were followed.
Clear and minimal UI makes for a friendlier experience.
Creating a guideline is crutial todeveloping a compelling and cohesive design.

05 . Specifications & Assets

The final stage of the process includes the definition of clearly stated specifications that will assure a succesful implementation.

Grids. All the screens were always based on grids.

Components. All assets were documented throughout the design process.

Final delivery for implementation. Details of the pixel perfect specs.

Conclusions / Solutions

On those products where a user experience is omnipresent, following certain processes and methodologies are essential in ACHIEVING the best results. Creating all the related documentation and deliverables helped keep a fluent and efficient UX. A set of clearly outlined guidelines prove helpful when the interface requires further changes or updates down the road. Collaborating with everyone in the team throughout the process is what made for a successful outcome.

Listening is key. Egos are left outside the door.

A regular chart-topper in “Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to work for", Cisco is an American multinational corporation headquartered in California that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment.


UX + UI Senior Consultant
San Francisco
2011 - 2013