Art direction & branded content design

The challenge is clear: content is king. My approach is to create a design environment that will focus and support said content. Creating the right structure, with the best outlines and style conception is fundamental to having great editorial design.
Typography, grid and images are the main ingredients. Handling and managing with the correct formula will set the right style guide for each editorial product.

D'Noche Magazine

Monthly leisure magazine for young adults (Madrid & Barcelona).
The publication became the most circulated magazine in Spain for several years.
I collaborated closely with Fernanda Algorta and with a whole team of illustrators, photographers, journalists and printers.


Coca-Cola Company.
Nordic Mist arrived in Spain in 2000, with a groundbreaking commitment to both product and image. Since its launch, it has positioned itself as one of the most modern, bold, and innovative tonic waters. This editorial product was created for that purpose, and to provide a channel for a specific type of client. It is a reflection of that spirit.

Up Magazine

McCann Erickson's Internal Magazine for its Madrid offices.

Roles / Skills / Areas of intervention

Branded Content / Editorial Design / Typography / Grids / Publishing / Press Processing / Production Editing / Creative Thinking / Design Layout / Photographic Retouching / Picture Research / Mock-ups / Fashion Production / Editorial Coordination