Graham Hill, Founder - CEO at, Treehugger

“Federico worked for me for many years over many projects. He's a very talented designer and I'd highly recommend him”.

Chris Tackett, Social Media Editor, Treehugger

“Federico was a great asset to our team. He designed house ads, images for social media and content and always ensured that the brand was well-represented when we would share logos for media partnerships or sponsorships”.

Meaghan O'Neill,
Editor in Chief, Treehugger

“Federico and I worked together on TreeHugger.com from its inception in 2004, through its acquisition by Discovery Communications in 2008, and beyond; eventually we launched two more sites together for Discovery, including PlanetGreen.com and Parentables.com. He is nothing if not consistent and efficient, with the ability to turn work around in a flash. His modern aesthetic and on-point design work was instrumental in getting the message of the name "TreeHugger" across -- with ten little letters and just two colors, his logo design for the brand helped readers and investors alike know instantaneously that what we'd built wasn't your daddy's environmental site. Fed's quick wit and focus certainly played a large part in TreeHugger's early success -- perhaps even influencing the modern green movement as we know it.”

Vikash Singh,
Account Excecutive, Treehugger

“Federico's design abilities and intuitive understanding of memorable aesthetic has no doubt been a fundamental part of Treehugger's success. The brand recognition is emblematic and resonates with all who think of the word “green”. Such design has helped change the mainstream meaning of "Treehugger" to a less polarizing word. Having worked with Federico, he continually demonstrates professionalism, promptness, and impressive insight into all his work. Truly, his work speaks for itself. I invite all to see for themselves”.

Petz Scholtus, Journalist-Writer, Treehugger

“Working with Federico is a real pleasure: He is always ready and connected, really efficient in what he does and no matter how straight forward the job, he adds this extra touch of creativity. As a perfectionist, he knows god is in the detail but he also sees the big picture. Technically and artistically, Fede is a pro”.

David Gómez-Rosado, Vice President - User Experience, Ask.com

“As owner of a multimedia studio, I can say that Federico´s collaboration was instrumental in gaining and keeping clients (the caliber of Siemens). Not only is he an excellent designer with great pride in his work, he is also a responsive professional that always comes through... a genuine honest person to work with. I highly recommend his experience to any enterprise with needs in new media”.

Jonathan Fong, Sr. UX Designer, Cisco.com

“I've worked with Federico off and on for the past several years at both Ask.com and Cisco. Fede is a great designer with great visual design talent. With our experience being mostly remote (with him across the world in Spain) Fede would crank out designs as we slept and would faithfully have them ready the next day. The best part of Fede is his humble and warm-hearted personality. Most designers have a certain pride about their work that makes it hard to give feedback on, but not Fede. Fede is warmly open to feedback and takes nothing personally. He's a great joy to work with remotely or, if you're lucky, in person. He's a great combination of talent and personality that I definitely admire”.

Nicholas Aster, CTO/Media Architect, Discovery.com

“Fed was fast and smart in all our interactions - turning around art projects, sometimes at the last minute and never missing a beat. His eye for detail is impeccable and his design skills are top of the line”.

Miles Orkin, Digital Account Director (Interface), LBi + IconMedialab

“When it comes to technical skill and sparkling execution, Federico is a standout on any creative team. As a designer, he strikes the delicate balance between elegance and function that is often so elusive, especially in web-based projects. As a thinker, Federico sees to the heart of the concept, the core of the problem, and crafts solutions that are pragmatic without compromsing esthetics. Most importantly, however, Federico is a doer: He get things done, has a good time doing them, and always inspires colleagues to share in his enjoyment and enthusiasm. I reccommend Federico highly and hope to have the chance to enjoy his company again some day”.

Diego García Diaz, Associate Professor, FADU.UBA.AR

“Federico has been a very efficient and committed teacher. He has been in charge of a group of 60 pupils of the Graphic Design Carrer, developoing his tasks with ample knowledge of academic subjects, and adding creativity, dedication and responsibility”.

Diego Schapsis, Associate Professor, FADU.UBA.AR

“He tenido la oportindad de trabajar junto a Federico, coordinando Profesores de Diseño en la Universidad de Buenos Aires, encontré en él más allá de su energía y profesionalismo, a una persona con valores intachables. 
Recomiendo en especial a Federico para aquellos proyectos que requieran sensibilidad y persistencia”.

Gilad Buzi, Int. Jewish Film Festival Barcelona, FCJ Barcelona

“Federico's contribution to the Barcelona Jewish Film Festival was invaluable. His designs allowed us to achieve a high quality, respectable and modern look while conserving a distinct and important cultural identity. Interacting with him was a true pleasure, given his professional yet easy going and communicative manner. I am proud to be able to give the highest recommendation to Federico and would love to work with him again”.

Charlie Mahoney, Digital Media Producer, Website

“Fede did the intial design and a redesign of my web site. He's quick, thorough and has great creative instinct. I highly recommend him for web design work especially if you have a short time line and need someone that can take the project from a creative idea to a workable site design. Use him, he's worth it”.

Rodolfo Guardia, Project Leader Entertainment Channels, UOL.com

“We were lucky to find someone as Federico. He has the ability of create simple solutions for big troubles. Also, he made an excellent work with the design of an entertainment channels as "Rincón Otaku (Anime art)" or "Music" for UOL, where this generate excellent revenue for the company in terms of advertisement!”.