The Search Experience

User Experience Design for search engine products.

Worked collaborating closely with engineering, QA, marketing and product management bringing projects from concept to realization.
Responsible for creating innovative, usable, great-looking products that people love to use.
At Ask I’ve played a pivotal role in the strategy, conception and design of groundbreaking digital products.

01 . Flows / Scenarios / Personas / Requirements

Analyse all the variables involved in the problem, it's the best way to come up with a appropiate solution.

Navigation flow. Some of the pages featured in the campaign.

Personas + Analitic. Right on one side of the computer, I have the analitics everytime I start creating a new interactive projects. Based on the user’s feedback, the design turns into a more powerful solution in terms of communication.

02 . Ideation

One the data is analized it's easy to start with an quick iterative UX and UI design process

Ask's everyday homepage.

Redesigning the regular Ask HP to reflect the new theme, without loosing the usual utilities or functionalities of the original site.

All users on the Ask homepage will see this design takeover, which allows users to post up to 3 personal tributes for loved ones who have either passed away, been diagnosed, or are recovering from breast cancer.

Redesigned Home Page (Breast cancer campaign).

Wireframes + Scenarios.

Before getting into the final steps of photoshop, all wireframes have to be preapproved by a Project Manager.

Low fidelity wireframing. Rough sketches.

Page layout. Worked with the structure of the whole content of the site in big modules.
That way the group of information could be managed in a different scale that small elements and tools.

03 . Design is Implementation

One the data is analized it's easy to start with an quick iterative UX and UI design process

Final step in the donation process: as soon as the user sends a message, Ask makes a charitable donation provided that the user installs an application.

Jeeves will be wearing a pink ribbon and tie on every page during the Tribute HP Week. Clicking on Jeeves will direct users to the BCC Landing page. Jeeves follows them throughout the whole process, including the final step, and later thanks them for their support.

Specs + Assets
Determine all specs for every single page: fonts, colours, CSS styles, funcionality, pixel measurements, etc. The following step is to create the assets required for implementation - perfectly cropped and optimized. Reconfigure the toolbar and create new icons for the campaign.

04 . Multiplatform

At Ask, and at that time, there was not "mobile first philosophy. But we started to implement the main products int the tytpical platforms devices. Here are some key screens as a good example of we did the translations and adaptation into the multiplatform world.

05 . User Testing

The resulting design should always the best solutions possible. And the way to validate it, put it in front of the user who where centered.

Usability Testing (screenshot of a video created during the test).
The designer is involved in a first-hand test-run of all their mockups before the definitive launch. Testing the functionality of all the work, before it reaches the eye of the user, is a key element to the process. Upon gaining additional end-user feedback, all final designs are incorporated and refined based on the bits of constructive feedback in oder to perfect the final look, feel and fuctionality of the pages.

Conclusions / Solutions

The conception of an specific campaign (and this case study is just an example of many more) is the everyday food of a designer at a company involved in SEO. As a Senior UX / UI Designer is fully necessary to be in constant collaboration with the product and engineering teams to make products that user adop and love to use. Following certain processes and metholodogies is mandatory: from the data of the analisys phase, till the most important stage: testing. There is where your ideas and design hipothesys are validated. After that moment, your designs fly away and you are not in control of it anymore.

It is rare for a designer to have such a first-hand opportunity to use his skills in order to articulate a voice for change.

The fourth biggest site on the web for monthly searches, ASK attracts more than 100 million unique users globally.


Sr. UX + UI Designer
San Francisco / London
2009 - 2011