Life matters: wearable experience

UX & UI Design for Cisco U-Health App

The goal was to improve the quality of life of seniors and their families. Create a seamless experience to manage health effectively. Be the single repository where everything health-related converges. Create a Body Area Network. Facilitate the environment for collaboration and communication between patients, their families, their different doctors and health professionals

01 . Personas

An array of fictional characters (personas profiles) were created to represent the different potential users.

This is an example of one developed along with the Product Manager.


1. She receives text messages to reassure her that her mom's is OK.
2. She logs into the health portal to see her mom's record and get recommendations for exercise and food ideas.


1. The professional is able to see her latest measurements right from the home sensor the moment she calls.
2. They can also initiate a call when one of her vitals falls off the normal range.

Ciscoʼs u-health device. It works as a sensor and communication device.


Data analytics including latest measurements can be inmediately displayed on the television or other screen of choice. Everytime the person steps on it a new value gets added to the analytics. The trends determine tips of the day and recommendations, or notifications.

02 . UX Design

Our architectural approach was based on a quick iterative process. Screens were created simultaneously to ensure a coherent concept.

Wireframes. Architecture & information design was wireframed on Omnigraffle's software.

03 . Visual Design + UI

A clean aesthetics were implemented. The major idea behind this visual language was to translate in a very user friendly way, all the heavy technical data and numbers. Having in mind that one of the heavy users of this product was elderly people, the metaphors and graphic codes selected were pedagogic and direct.

Wearable System Smartphone and smart watch combined as the carrying devices ar part of a multiplatform monitor system.

Homepage. Quick and easy snapshot of the user's overall health.

Monitor. Its values get uploaded to the cloud in real time, allowing the person to quickly see an alert.

Iconic + Graphic system. Helps to visualize complex data into a simple, friendly interface.

Contacts. Easily reach the main actors of the health group related to the user (Doctors, family, etc.)

Reminders. Designed to keep the user up to date with their medication schedule.

Conclusions / Solutions

Patients' life have been positively impacted by U-health. Without it, they would need to move into a care facility. This technology keeps them independent and in constant contact with their physicians. The user experience seamlessly integrates into the patients’ lifestyle. The most compelling aspect of this development was working on a project in which the work of the designer made an palpable impact in people’s lives. It is much more about health than just healthcare

Cisco Systems

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UX Senior Designer Consultant
San Francisco
2011 - 2013