Logos + Brands

Everyone knows that "less is more", but a succesful logotype also needs to have certain specific values to become an efficient representation of the client's image: legibility, scalability, distinguishability, memorability.

Online Media Outlet // New York

Digital Storytelling Platform // New York

Free Scholl // Barcelona

Director of Photography // Barcelona

Siemens' sub-company // Berlin

Optical Lab // Buenos Aires

Movie Tickets App // Latin America

Hand Made Furniture // Buenos Aires

Winery // France

Off-Broadway Solo Show // New York

Interactive Media // France

Winery // France

Fashionable Couture Clothes // Spain

Studio of Architects // Argentina

National Library // Buenos Aires

Pediatrics & Breastfeeding Center // Barcelona

Electricity Consultants // Barcelona

Filmmaking Agency // Barcelona

TV Production Company // Uruguay

TV Show // Barcelona

Late Night TV Show // Montevideo

Made-for-TV Movie // Spain

Short Films Project // Barcelona

Catalan Film Conferences // Barcelona

Global Energy Community // US

Young People's Music School // Mexico

Petit Hotel // Patagonia

Architectural Firm // Argentina

Boutique CEO Advisory Firm // US

Scientific Conference // Buenos Aires

Jewish Film Festival // Barcelona

University TV channel // Buenos Aires

Professional Writing Agency // Barcelona

Soccer Team // Madrid

Tax Managing // Spain

NGO Against Military Armament // Barcelona

Music Group // México

Qualified Sales Opportunities company // US

Multi-platform tool for Online Communications // Argentina