Methodology + Process

There are a number of ways in which designers can approach their craft. Here you'll find my own personal approach and some specific information that unviels a methodology and a design process I follow in my profession.

01 . Work Philosophy

How I structure my thinking:

THESIS: A client shows up with a need. A set of requierements must be defined.
ANALYSIS: The way to approach this phase, is to contextualize the problem by putting on a paper.
SYNTHESIS: The result must always be an effective solution to a specific communication problem.

A Visual Communicator is a problem solver.

The nature of the solution always involves: technical aspects + user needs + marketing / branding extents. Such a solution should be accomplished under a given budget and within a specific deadline. And, most importantly, by addressing the users’ needs.

02 . The Process

During my career, especially as a consultant, I abide by the following methodology.

03 . My Contribution

Business is business. I'm a key player in that game.


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