I became a designer because I wanted to operate changes in this world. So, no matter the scale of the project or the size of the company, it only has to have the spirit of change within. I want and I work in order to make that change happen.

Case Study 1


#1 media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream

TreeHugger Project


  • Client: Discovery Communications
  • Role: Head UX + UI / Online Art Director
  • Location: Barcelona / New York
Case Study 2


The fourth biggest site on the web for monthly searches

Ask.com Project


  • Client: Ask.com / Ask.co.uk
  • Role: Senior UX Designer
  • Location: San Francisco / London
Case Study 3

Bloom Life

The first clinical grade wearable device to help
expecting moms track contractions from home

Project 03

Bloom life

  • Client: Zinc-group
  • Role: UX / UI + Lead Visual Designer
  • Location: Barcelona / San Francisco
Case Study 4

Cisco Systems

SaaS + Web based products created for multiplatforms

Health App - Cisco

SaaS + Web Based product / Cisco Systems

  • Client: Cisco Systems
  • Role: UX + UI + VD Consultancy
  • Location: San Francisco
Case Study 5

Health Wearable App

Multiple platform health product created for Cisco Systems

Health App - Cisco

Wearable Health App / Cisco Systems

  • Client: Cisco Systems
  • Role: UX + UI Design Consultancy
  • Location: San Francisco
Case Study 6

Photographic weather icons

Set of weather icons for the search engine Ask.com

Project 05

Photographic weather icons

  • Client: Ask.com
  • Role: Art Direction + Photography + Illustration
  • Location: San Francisco / London


Some icon examples created for a variety clients

Project 06


  • Client: Ask.com / Treehugger.com
  • Role: Art Direction / UX Design / UI Design / Illustration
  • Location: San Francisco / London / New York

Logos + Brands

A selection of logotypes created as a Branding Consultant
Project 04

Logos + Brands

  • Role: Art Direction / Creative Direction / Graphic Design
  • Location: All around the world
  • Year: 2000 / Present

The Iconic New York Coffee Cup

Reinvented and produced in ceramic
NY ceramic cup

The Iconic New York Coffee Cup

  • Client: We are happy to serve you
  • Role: Art Direction: Identity / Marketing / Packaging
  • Location: New York

Websites + Web products

Most of the examples were crafted as a consultant
Web Zone

Websites + Web products

  • Roles: UX / UI / AI / VD / ID / AD
  • Location: All around the world
  • Year: 2000 / Present

Editorial Design

Some magazine designs created as Art Director

Web Zone

Editorial Design

  • Role: Art Director + Branded Content Design
  • Location: Barcelona / Madrid

Methodology + Process

Graphs + Info about my approach to the craft of design
Project 06

Methodology + Design Process

There are a number of ways in which designers can approach their craft. Here you'll find my own personal approach and some specific information that unviels a methodology and a design process I follow in my profession.

About Me

I am an award-winning designer with more than 14 years of international experience. What sets me apart is my commitment to all aspects of design: from the initial stages of the development of an idea, to the actual first-hand crafting of my own designs.

These days, I work mostly as a user experience practitioner and consultant, be that by leading a small group of collaborators, by heralding specific projects, or simply by becoming part of a team.

I have collaborated with a variety of enterprises, from small start-ups to large international corporations, providing me with an understanding as to how to help smaller clients establish strong visual branding, while also assisting multinational corporations utilize UX design to further cultivate their brand.

My methodology of work has been based on working remotely. This allows me to work on innovative projects from anywhere in the world in the most efficient and consistent way possible. Relocating is an option, depending on the company’s needs and terms.

I crave new challenges and have a true passion for solving the most complex of problems in the most creative, yet simple way possible.

Should you be interested in my profile, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you!


Additional Info

Teaching Experience

    Offering guidance to students who are going
    through their last year of studies; helping
    them bridge the gap between their present
    academic lives and the current job market.

    Teaching methodologies and design processes
    in order to build more usable, friendlier products.
    Is the first University degree in Applied Games +
    Video Games + Serious Games in Barcelona.

    Taught two subjects:
    Digital Fine Arts, the basics of graphic
    design applied to audiovisual mediums
    and Animation Techniques using Flash Software.

    Allowing those who are developing their
    ideas analogically, to start thinking digitally.
    The goal is to develop products that will focus
    on offering a satisfactory user experience.

    Created a specific and intensive
    User Experience course dedicated
    to the unemployed.

    University of Buenos Aires
    Graphic Design. Undergraduated:
    - Morphology I
    - Morphology II
    - Design III

    Escuela Universitaria Artes del Diseño
    Multimedia. Participated as judge for
    the students’ final thesis.



  • User Centered Design
  • User Interface + Visual Design
  • Mobile Apps & Multiplatfoms
  • Art & Creative Direction
  • User Experience
  • GUI Design + Pixel Perfection
  • Wireframing + StoryBoards + Scenarios
  • Personas Profile
  • Branding System
  • Identity & Brand Guidelines
  • Typography + Iconography
  • Web Design
  • Human Factors
  • Interactive Design + Usability
  • Information Architecture
  • Ideation & Conceptual Development
  • Data Visualization
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • Creative Suitecase Ninja
  • Business Understanding
  • Passion for Problem Solving
  • Direct + Clear Communication
  • Projects & Small Teams Leading
  • Professor & Lecturer